Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Importance of Following Your Own Intuition

Advice from more experienced people is important. Figuring out if it's good for you is separate. When I was just starting out in the entertainment world I had the privilege of being around many very successful people from many different backgrounds. They were willing to give me huge amounts of advice and wisdom. Nice kind people in almost all cases. As I got older, I started to realize that a lot of the advice simply wasn't't good for me personally, or mysteriously just did not work. The advice had worked for them in their lives given their personalities. Once I was able to think more clearly about my own goals and who I actually was, and how I really felt about the world, I started making choices that fit the experience I wanted to have. I left a lot of the "good advice" I had received on the shelf for others to use if they wished.  Why would I have done that when others were way more successful than myself.

I started to reject certain "good advice" if I wasn't comfortable or it made me uneasy.
For as helpful as "good advice" can be, it can also prevent or even ruin a career when applied by another personality as if it were a law of physics or something.
Life choices are not laws of physics they are personal choices that have to be in harmony with your personality, beliefs and of course common sense from your point of view.

I have many relationships with creative people who I argue with til the sun comes up about whether something works or doesn't work; is good art or lousy art. We are just different people and those debates help us find what works for ourselves and is also fun, exasperating and absolutely critical for the creative process. We do not back down and agree simply because one or the other might be more successful. It sharpens our points of view and is always helpful and invigorating.

Just because the majority of people in an industry do certain things does not mean it's the best way or even a good way of doing things. Things evolve from people who are rule breakers not merely scared followers of a system. I'm not recommending being a disruptive dope. I'm recommending thinking, analyzing, experimenting, evaluating, testing, and finally proving that the approach you pick holds up by producing great results. Success in any profession requires a high level of skill, critical thinking and persistence. It does not require always taking the path that everyone else takes.
Trust how you feel about the options, people, and the processes that excite you and resonate with you.
Following your intuition, in the end, will give you the best advice.