Monday, January 7, 2019

You Can Get VO Work in 2021 :)

Competition is a constant in life no matter what field a person is in. It should never be a reason to not do something you love. Developing ones skills should be the main focus, not worrying about how much competition there is. The competition gets less and less as one gets better and better.
As I look back on my career I think about the people who were supportive and the people who said it's all too competitive to be successful. For heavens sake, everything is competitive. That has nothing to do with anything.
There are always these different influences around all of us. I want to say to everyone as we enter the new year that the only voice you should listen to regarding what you want to do in life, is your own.
Your own voice will lead you if you plan, if you work, if you pay attention. So here's to your voice...
The one in your head... and the one that comes out your mouth. May you all have a successful 2021.