Wednesday, March 15, 2017

- Free Voiceover Seminar/Workshop Saturday April 1st 10am

Curious about voiceovers? Interested, but not quite sure about your potential? No problem! We offer one free Seminar/Workshop on the first Saturday of the month in Santa Clarita. There's never been a better time to start your voiceover career.

We have created AzzurraMedia Ranch on five scenic acres in Santa Clarita, CA to accommodate our expanding voiceover services,  and professional voiceover training classes. Come in for one free voiceover class on the first Saturday of the month from 10am to 11:30am and one free class in the  Wednesday evening class 7:30 to 10pm.
 Call to register as a guest 310-827-3500, or email.

Discover for yourself what it actually takes to break in and become a successful voiceover talent. Moreover, we invite you to get up and get some hands-on experience reading copy, getting direction and making corrections in a friendly, supportive setting. Classes are ongoing, so you can sign up and join at any time. Go ahead—take your voice on a test drive and hear what the two of you can do together.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

NAB 2017 Check Out, Mics, iZotope RX5, ProTools, Library Music & More

One of my favorites things to do at NAB in Las Vegas NAB Show | April 22 - 27 2017 ( Exhibits are April 24 - 27th) is to go to all the microphone brand booths and test all their pics. Most companies have their mic's on carousels and you can put on headphones, push a button and hear how your voice sounds on all their different models. It's a must do and great fun.

The demo's at the iZotope booth are fabulous and the Q&A's very helpful for sound repair.
 Avid Audio ProTools is always thee and you can get the latest info

And of course my favorite Royalty Free Music library company Sound Ideas is there.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Getting Voiceover Work

There is always a lot of discussion about networking to get voiceover work and that is of course very important. It is even more important that ones reading ability in the booth be A- List. There are many stories about people who get hired with great VO demos and then get fired because they just can't do clean reads in the booth. Remember time is money and the people running the jobs count on us to do great clean reads in an efficient manner. Practice relentlessly :)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

It Can Be Done in 2017

Competition is a constant in life no matter what field a person is in. It should never be a reason to not do something you love. Developing ones skills should be the main focus, not worrying about how much competition there is. The competition gets less and less as one gets better and better.
As I look back on my career I think about the people who were supportive and the people who said it's all too competitive to be successful. For heavens sake, everything is competitive. That has nothing to do with anything.
There are always these different influences around all of us. I want to say to everyone as we enter the new year that the only voice you should listen to regarding what you want to do in life, is your own.
Your own voice will lead you if you plan, if you work, if you pay attention. So here's to your voice...
The one in your head... and the one that comes out your mouth. May you all have a successful 2017:)