Friday, March 28, 2014

- Practicing Cold Reading

Commercials are always pretty short, 60 seconds or less. Audio books, or corporate narratives are many pages long. Even if you read a hundred page narrative or a book many times you still don't really know whats coming up next.
Practice having your eyes two to three words ahead of where you're speaking. You should not be saying the word you're reading with your eyes at the same time. Read ahead.
When you get to the end of a sentence and take your catch breath, make sure you always dart your eyes to the right to read ahead, this will reduce the number of flubs.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

- Voiceover Booth , or Noise Reduction Filter

There are many points of view about this. If money is no object and you have the space, by all means buy a recording booth.A good one will cost between $4000 to $7000. Today however there are some amazing noise reduction filters. Sound Soap has been purchased from the now out of business Bias-Peak ($149) Izotrope has some truly amazing filters that cost more ($ 350 to about $800)
and of course Waves filters has all kinds of noise reduction filters, but my favorite is Waves NS 1 Noise Suppression Filter.
When you are recording, you will leave about 3 seconds of room noise space before you speak. These filters can then memorize the room noise and strip only that from your recordings leaving amazingly clean voiceover recordings without doing bad things to the sound of your voice.
Check ou these links to see if they interest you.
We make no money or commissions for any recommendations we make:)

Automatic Noise Suppression Plugin – NS1 | Waves

iZotope RX 3 | OVERVIEW

SoundSoap 3 Noise Reduction

Thursday, March 6, 2014

- The Very First Read in a Session...

It's important that VO artists practice at home so you can start with a good read and not use studio time with people standing around to get "warmed up". Remember to practice your reads thoroughly before getting there and warm up your voice on the way to the recording studio. I've recently seen people in a studio wondering what was up with the VO artist who just didn't seem "ready to go" when the person showed up. Be respectful of peoples time by being completely prepared when you show up. it's the best way to be invited back