Thursday, August 25, 2016

- Correcting Speech & Breathing Problems

Through the years may people have come to me for help with certain speech and articulation problems that were slightly defective as well as accent correction and of course shortness of breath (non medical).

In speaking, the principles of articulation, clarity and naturalness are the primary skills required for effective communication. These qualities can be refined and dramatically improved by using voiceover articulation techniques.

Learning cadence exercises and other voiceover techniques provides the reframe of coordination to help resolve a wide range of these problems. Fixing these kinds of issues can contribute in a major way to success in any professionals career.

Whether you're a teacher, sales professional, lawyer, CEO, public speaker, voiceover artist, broadcaster or presenter, contact me for a free consultation and lets see what can be done to resolve anything in your speech that you feel is a distraction in your communications with people.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

- Your Voice Is A Wind Instrument - Cardio Will Improve it Dramatically

People ask me quite often what one of the single most important things is that they can do for their voice. The answer is "Get some regular exercise, cardio" (Always check with your Doctor before starting any exercise program).

There are about 126 muscles in the cricoid thyroid structure ( voice box) that are directly involved in phonation. That doesn't include all the muscles in the chest that are involved in breathing. When you are getting some kind of regular cardio exercise you are not only strengthening the whole support structure you are perfecting the coordination between the bellows of the lungs and how you speak. When you combine exercise with your voice and breathing exercises you will be amazed at how your voice will bloom into it's full beauty giving you more presence more authenticity and greater confidence.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

If Not Now, When?

We all have to deal with the timing of events in our lives. Sometimes the timing is great and sometimes it is not. We know the saying that we use when we're stuck; "There's never a perfect time to start, just start".

The main issue however, is feeling motivated to start. We don't start something because we don't feel motivated. But, the way it usually works is, if we start we will feel the motivation kick in as a reward for our commitment. We feel better when we take action. We feel better when we are proactive. Finding ways to be responsible for pursuing our dreams is obviously an elusive business sometimes, and yet it can be great fun solving the mysteries of how to engage in activities that will help us realize our goals.
We often think very deeply about thinking deeply and it becomes a substitute activity for actual engagement. Keeping a sense of humor and looking at the adventure side of accomplishing goals can make us bolder and more successful participants  in our lives and in our dreams:)