Wednesday, September 21, 2016

- The Fuzzy Logic of Getting Voiceover Work

So, how the heck do some people get so much work? It's all extremely competitive of course. How do people find their way in a trade that has so much stuff going on? One must remember that the only thing that you have control over is your skill level and how you behave.

Big opportunities will not present themselves every day. When they do, you must be able to perform at the highest level in order to take advantage.

You do not start training after you've been invited to the Olympics, you train so you will make it to the Olympics. Being able to read awkward or difficult copy in a natural way can win friends in a session. Even if the copy is great, being able to personalize the copy in an authentic ways can separate you from others who would read very well. It is not so much about how competitive the industry is, it's really about your own skill level. Train like you're going to the Super Bowl, because thats what you're trying to do. Be casual, be friendly, be good company and prepare like your livelihood depends on it, because it does:)

Monday, September 12, 2016

- Be Nice and Don't Talk too Much:)

I hear from engineers and booth directors periodically that voiceover actors sometimes simply talk too much during a session or seem annoyed when given multiple directions. It's important to remember that clients are spending a lot of money to create their advertising media. We really must be good, socially adept voiceover artists to help them maximize their efforts. Don't start "babbling" on their time. Give them your best effort with positive energy to help the get what they want:)