Friday, March 18, 2016

- Make Your Voice As Good As Your Sales Call - Really

Make your voice as good as your sales call by  learning voiceover breathing, voice exercises and phrasing.
Our voice is the engine that carries our thoughts to people. Our voice and presentation is the point of first contact.
 None of it is magic. It’s common sense that if you develop your voice and perfect your delivery, you can increase the effectiveness of your presentation and have the power to persuade that will give you the edge you need for greater success. Make sure YOUR voice is as good as your presentation with this 4 hour course. Click on this link to learn more and watch our video.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Know Your Voice and Get More Work

The importance of knowing your own voice: We can't be what we aren't, so we must know what we can do and not do. Too many of us try and do absolutely everything and that never never works out for us, then we get depressed because we aren't successful. How can we succeed if we decide to flap our arms and fly to the moon. There is plenty that every person can do with out trying to set ourselves up for failure. There is no reason to try and do the impossible. That isn't trying to succeed it is really trying to fail.
We can't do everything for everyone.The key to our success is inside the compass of our voice and personality. We must know what our limits are so we don't accidentally set ourselves up to fail. Our best chance of getting work is to be ourselves, our best selves our most skilled selves, our most prepared selves.