Friday, May 30, 2014

- More Voiceover Work Than Ever

I'm amazed that everything is being digitized now. There are fewer and fewer brochures and more and more voiceovers explaining everything under the sun. Remember that HR departments are creating and endless stream of audio and narrated power point presentations to train employees.
Gone are the days when companies would pay huge sums of money to bring in experts to train people on every subject from process to presentations, (I was one of them for the state of California).
Now everything is done as a recording and then kept and updated in their training libraries.
New authors are also looking to create audio books of their new works to broaden their income potential.
Go get them!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

- My favorite Studio Speakers KRK VXT Series

Speakers are a really subjective sport. There are many points of view. Mine is the KRK speaker VXT series is great. They are very affordable, used in plenty of the top studios and very clear in the middle which is great for voiceover work. A number of the more expensive speakers are too dark in the middle which can make it harder to mix voiceovers properly.
Here is the link to a review and a video demo from


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

- How to Record at home when you have no space or budget for a VO Booth

I get a lot of questions from VO artists about how to record at home when there is no space for a recording booth and no budget for setting up even a small portable unit. The solution that works surprisingly well is hiding in your clothes closet. Part your clothes in the middle and stick a small bar stool in there.  Cover it with a very heavy blanket then set your mic on it with a table mic stand and pop screen. Your clothing will deaden most of the ambient room noise and you can use the Waves Filter NS1 to take out the rest of the "room noise". The newest and best noise reduction in my opinion is now made by Izotope RX4. Pick what's best for you:)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

- Learning How to Get Work is a Skill Too - Models, Spokespersons, Actors.

People come to the art of voiceovers from many different backgrounds. There is a lot of training required to be a model an actor or a spokesperson. There is also a lot of training required to learn how to get work. People who are doing casting in any of these related fields appreciate talent that is well trained and professional in related disciplines. They are especially aware of talent that understands boundaries and how to relate to the people who are running a project. The people in charge have their choice of many talented people, so why should they hire you? One of the answers should be that you are not only well trained, but you are better company to be around.
Generally speaking, people hire people that they like, people who are easy to be around. The bumper sticker advice is, "Don't complain, don't explain, be on time and do a good job."
Being hired is never just about talent. Developing an ability to connect with people in an honest way helps in a major way. The best way to get work is to be yourself, not your nervous self, or your afraid self, but your prepared, friendly self.