Sunday, November 30, 2014

- The Importance of Voice Exercises

Everyones voice is much more responsive when it has a regular workout routine. We are much more able to illustrate with nuance when our voice receives regular workouts. Tone painting and using different cadences to get our point across is much more natural when the voice is put through it's version of Yoga. Communication skills are improved by respecting and taking care of our voice just as we do for our bodies in general.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

- Why It's Important To Practice Cold Reading

I get a lot of questions about why anyone should practice cold reading. Here are some thoughts on the matter. It's easy to get used to the idea that most voiceovers are short and you always have the copy in advance. The problems start when you're doing  longer narratives for corporations. The copy is often 20 to 80 pages or more. Another area is audio books. Even if you read these longer pieces 20 times, you still have no idea what's coming up next. It's important to develop a sense of timing so you can do clean good reads page after page. Your eyes should always be 2 to 3 words ahead of where you're speaking so you're delivering ideas and not just saying words. Time is money whether you are in some one else's studio or your own.

Monday, November 3, 2014

- Cold Weather Cures for a Scratchy or Weak Voice:)

The cold weather is coming and/or is here. I get a lot of questions about voices feeling itchy or scratchy, so here are some home remedy gentle things you can do to help your voice feel better.
First of all, remember, if you're sick, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR! These are just minor things you can do so you can still do your voiceovers or sing with greater comfort.
If your voice feels a bit weak, get a steamer and inhale the steam twice a day for just 60 seconds. Breath it in through your mouth and nose. Doing so will help clear the mucous and strengthen your voice  temporarily. The steam helps improve the circulation in the throat and that can be beneficial. Steaming in the shower with Eucalyptus oil can really open things up. Hot herbal teas like the ones made by YOGI TEAS are great. Breathe Easy and Breath Deep are wonderful.