Wednesday, September 5, 2018

There's No Sense In Just Being Who You Always Were:)

Our entire creative lives depend on our striving to improve our skills and our talents. We must expand our abilities and take on new challenges with our voices. If we don't, we risk doing an imitation of ourselves... an imitation of what we've always done in the past. I hear some people say that what's worked in the past is good enough for the present. I just don't find any inspiration in using formula's that most likely are not as fresh as they might have been in the past.

This is not a vote to go outside the compass of your voice or your personality. It is encouragement to develop greater control and nuance by pushing the boundaries of what your voice can do.

Some people have 30 years of experience, while others have 30 years of the same experience.

Very often friends and or agents don't want us to "rock the boat". They might want us to do what we have always done. The admonition comes from fear of loosing present success, or thinking that we are trying to be something that we aren't.

It's not a vote to be something we aren't, it's a vote to not jeopardize our success by sitting on past accomplishments. That fear or laziness is the biggest threat to continued success in any career.