Friday, June 20, 2014

- Voiceover Skills Improve our Communication Skills in Any Language

Our ability to persuade people and communicate clearly is very important for all of us personally and professionally. Our success in life depends on our ability to communicate well with others.
We have entered a great new age where communication is dependent upon our ability to connect, and our ability to connect depends on what we decide to say and our manner of delivery. This is the result of the intensity of the information age. We cannot rely solely on the fact that we have the authority or the answer. We must have the ability to organize and personalize thoughts in order to be heard and understood. This has become of paramount importance in, corporations, hospitals, organizations and all of the service industries. How we communicate with our voices and how we organize ideas has never been as important as it is today. Our voice is the engine that carries our thoughts to people. Our voice and presentation is the point of first contact.

Friday, June 13, 2014

- The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Do is Talk

Everything about ourselves is carried to everyone else by our voices. The manner in which we speak, whether doing voiceovers, teaching, negotiating, or explaining, determines the success of our communication. There are many studies that show that much of what we communicate has nothing to do with the words we speak. How important then to work on our presentation to make sure that our voice carries the sound of what we truly mean and not the aggravation we may feel.

Everyone has made someone laugh, cry, provided comfort and solace. We all have these powerful abilities to communicate clearly for the benefit of others and ourselves.
Our voices are the engines that carry ever ideas, every hope and dream to everyone we interact with.
Developing our skills of expression with our voices can benefit ourselves, our voiceover careers and all aspects of our lives.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

- My Favorite Carl Sagan Voiceover From " The Pale Blue Dot"

I have always admired his writing and larger view, but here, he makes amazing use of his own eccentric narrative style in a very authentic way. A lesson to all of us in voiceover to embrace who we are and how we speak.
Yes, they have a short ad before it plays:(

▶ Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot - YouTube

Friday, June 6, 2014

- Is There Room For You in the VoiceOver Industry?

I hear  people saying, "I'd love to do voiceovers, but everyone says it's way to competitive".
If you stop and think about it and ask yourself to make a list of high paying jobs that aren't really competitive, there won't be anything on the list.
Of course everything is highly competitive. If you wanted to be a lawyer, teacher, or open a carpet cleaning business, you would have to deal with the same issues. You would have to network, have great skills and be good with people. The other important thing to remember is everyone does not have to like you. You are looking for a number of people who like your voice and natural style.
You are not looking to be hired by everyone.
Things take time to set up and develop. Most people who are well trained and who feel like they just have to do voiceovers do, over time,  find clients who are happy to pay them for their work.
People who make a living doing voiceovers have been trained and have built up their careers over time because they love doing it, not because they were an instant success. Work hard, be patient, and don't give up:)