Saturday, February 28, 2015

- How To Start Your Voiceover Career

There are so many ways to give advice about how to start. There are many ways to look at how one begins. A lot of it depends on your personality and how one deals with the unknown. Having said that, here are some thoughts to encourage and support you in this wonderful world of voiceovers. Do not over estimate everyone else's intelligence. I tweeted last week that an old time voiceover guy told me when I was 22 years old and nervous about trying to get into voiceovers, " People dumber than you are making a fortune, just get out there and do it."
Never worry about what everyone else is doing or what "the odds are" it's completely besides the point. The question is do you love it enough to develop a great set of reading skills and start doing it. Training is the first and most important place to start. No one on a job is there to run a trade school. You have to know what you're doing. It's been my experience that a lot of people seem more interested in how to network than they are in developing the skills necessary to be hired and then re hired because they've done a good job. Learn the trade and whats required. Develop your skills so you know what you're doing. Be good company on the job and always, always be on time/ deliver on time and a voiceover career will treat you very well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

- ProTools 11 and How To Escape iTunes Insanity For Your Production Music

Ok, I've wrestled with all the variations of iTunes and watched it's inability to import folders. I've watched it scatter collections of production music for no reason throughout the library and had to track it down. I've seen how Add To Library is it's own form of nonsense and tried all the recommended settings so it would behave.
Then this morning I realized that all I have to do is copy my BACKGROUND MUSIC folder to my Audio Thunderbolt Hard drive and arrange everything the way I want.
When importing a music file to go with our voiceovers we just search in the BACKGROUND MUSIC folder in the audio drive and skip iTunes all together. Yes, it's very obvious and I wish I'd of thought of it sooner:)

Monday, February 16, 2015

- Working the Mic

Generally  you'll want to be 8 to 10 inches from the mic. But if you're yelling you need to be farther back. If it's a very personal or intimate read, you need to be very close. It's very important that you learn to work the mic so you know what  the right distance is for you when you're doing different kinds of reads. Don't wait until you have a job that reveals you haven't experimented with distance and tones of voice. Knowing how your voice works under different conditions with your mic will put money in your pocket:)

Monday, February 9, 2015

- How to Transfer Waves Filters to your new Computer for ProTools

You have an A computer and a B computer. To move your Waves licenses from A to B computer, login to your Waves account on the A computer and move them to the cloud. The log out from the A computer and Login into the Waves account using your B computer. The licenses will be waiting for you in the cloud.
Here's the Waves link to their instructions for moving the licenses from one computer to another.

Move Licenses | Waves

Monday, February 2, 2015

- iZotope RX4 Advanced & Tutorials for Audio Repair

I've been playing with Izotopes RX4 Advanced and it really is total magic iZotope RX 4: Complete Audio Enhancement & Repair Toolkit

The audio tutorial site that Rob Actis turned me onto is amazing. It's  iZotope RX 4: Complete Audio Enhancement & Repair Toolkit
Whether you're fixing audio for video, voiceover, narrations or trying to match ambient sound in different locations it's the best. Voiceover artists will be amazed at how it gets rid of mouth noise or clicks. No I'm not paid by these guys, just wanted you to see these cool products to make your life simpler :)