Thursday, June 11, 2015

- Voiceover Jobs in Your Own Backyard:)

People naturally wonder about getting a voiceover talent agent. It's not how most people start though. Careers don't usually go from nothing to having representation. It's important to build up some job experience because no wants to go first. There are always people in everyones circle who might need an on hold message, friends who need a short voiceover for their web site, HR departments perhaps where you work that need a VO update on company policies. Make a list of everyone you know and think through who might need a little voiceover work that will help them and give you some real job experience.  Keep in mind that you can also do Reading for the Blind. It's done for free, but they are always very appreciative and it's great experience

Friday, June 5, 2015

- VoiceOvers • You Don't Have To Be Like Everyone Else:)

I have been asked a number of questions this month about being like other "great announcers" or famous voiceover artists. Those people are successful and have great skills and much can be learned from them.
However you do not have to be "like them" but you do have be be as skilled as they are. There are many examples of VO artists who were very different and whose "styles"were joked about and thought incorrect. Lots of those peoples styles then became very popular, HAH!

You must always believe there is a place for you. You must always prepare like there is a place for you. You must always know that your best chance of getting work, is to be yourself.