Saturday, May 1, 2021

Learning How To Be Yourself

Well here’s the task for all mankind let alone a voiceover artist. Whether in a person’s business life or personal life we spend a lifetime asking our selves who we are. Learning how to be your self requires that we know who that person is, to some degree at least. The advice I give people all the time is to simply say:

“Your best chance of getting work is to be your self.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s a voiceover job you’re trying to get, or going to the next job interview, be yourself”


It’s a useful “bumper sticker” slogan, but I’d like to talk a bit about the process of the discovery and how to relax into that, and how to trust it. …and what it means and what it doesn’t mean. 


When we get to a place in our heads where we can “be our selves” the advantages are huge. Life isn’t nearly as stressful. We stop being angry. We stop taking things personally and start viewing things as feedback that allows us to make corrections and move on. When we learn how to be our selves and accept our selves, we stop criticizing everyone else. The stress of NOT being our selves or knowing our selves is exhausting and frustrating. It can create a lot of stress and we can find our selves acting out on people because of it. So in learning to be our selves we are UN cluttering our minds and freeing the hard drive space between our ears to engage in the process of success.


When we are comfortable in our own skins people will enjoy being around us. And of course that is very helpful in getting jobs, voiceover jobs, or any job. In these times that is becoming more and more important. This is important to remember. It is not merely about being the most talented voiceover artist, plumber, teacher, sales person, lawyer or dentist. 

A lot of people could do the actual work, but people hire people that they like the best. The best plan in the world is to like your self and be your self.